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Airport security has become more complex since 2001. Authorities must have the most advanced security systems to detect and identify security threats, ensuring passenger safety and protection against unlawful interference, terrorist attacks or attacks against others. 

​Airports can be prime targets for the most extreme and disastrous damage. Reilly Security Systems has increased its knowledge of airport security in recent years, with projects involving a number of airports in Ontario.

Here are just some of the benefits that airports will realize with Reilly Security Access Control Systems.

  • Provides integrated security solution that protects visitors, passenger, property and assets.
  • Integration and customization with any product or system in the market.
  • Proven solution that takes your security to the highest level.
  • Streamlines the overall operation with a security management platform that integrates security systems such as access control, badging, identity management, perimeter intrusion detection and video analytics.  
  • Greater operational intelligence for better and the highest security.

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