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Porter Airlines Unique Security Challenges
Billy Bishop Airport

Airport security has become more complex since 2001. Airport authorities have the need for the most advanced security systems to detect and identify security threats, to ensure passengers' safety and to ensure further improvements for a secure environment, one that is protected against unlawful interference, terrorist attacks or use as a means to attack others.

The systems deployed to control access and monitor security devices in airports must be secure, reliable and highly scalable. The Honeywell Winpak access control and Honeywell “MaxPro® VMS” video management system installed by our team meets and exceeds stringent requirements, and serves as the security framework for Porter Airlines located at Billy Bishop (Toronto Island) Airport.

By working with our group to implement an end-to-end security solution, Porter Airlines is keeping airport visitors and employees safe, and complying with national security and counter-terrorism policy.

The Honeywell “Winpak” and MaxPRO VMS solutions provide:

  • Control and monitoring of access throughout the Porter Airlines terminal.
  • Multiple forms of authentication (Card/PIN) to access secure areas
  • Advanced card production and badging capabilities, and the ability to track numbers of lost/reprinted badges
  • Integration with digital video management and recording systems
  • High level command and control systems
  • Feature-rich and user-friendly interface to view video from numerous different recorders from a single point
  • Role-based operator privileges
  • Redundant server configuration increases system reliability
  • Operators can log on using their local language and the built-in messaging system allows operators to share video scenes via instant messages.
  • Auto-discovery of cameras connected to MAXPRO NVR Rapid Eye, Fusion, IP Engine and Enterprise recorders
  • User-defined macros let you execute commonly performed operations with ease
  • An extremely powerful macro programming language is available to fully customize actions based on events
  • Surrounding cameras mode with presets, makes following subjects of interest simple and efficient by allowing the nearest camera of interest to be immediately in view
  • Incident management mode allows creating a single clip with multiple cameras at different times that can be played back sequentially or simultaneously through a salvo layout
  • Remote monitor mode allows sharing and controlling a remote monitor while still viewing locally
  • Control any analog or digital monitor from a single workstation or joystick keyboard. Allows the system to be used as a true analog and digital matrix.
  • Ability to investigate events and alarms by simultaneously viewing alarm video at various stages. For every alarm, users can view the video captured during pre-alarm, on-alarm, post-alarm, and also view live video from the camera which triggered the alarm.
  • Enriched video viewing experience through intuitive video rendering engine optimizes CPU utilization by altering the video frame rate

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