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Commercial Buildings

Reilly Security Access Control Systems increase property marketability and tenant retention while reducing operating costs. 

Reilly Security Access Control Systems are the ideal solution for Property Managers. Our solutions provide reliable, real-time access control of your facilities. You and your tenants can monitor and administer the entire system from virtually any client work station.

Here are some of the benefits property managers and tenants will realize with a Reilly Security Access Control solution.

  • Reporting and Monitoring: Receive real-time incident information via email, phone or pager.
  • Operating Costs: Eliminate IT costs associated with traditional electronic access control with a scalable web-based solution.
  • Operational Efficiency: After-hours response times with 24/7 web access to administrative tools.
  • Tiered Administration: Property Managers can provide tenants with administrative access to their specific areas while maintaining centralized control of the entire system.
  • Easy Administration: Tenants can manage their offices and facilities through a single web-based administration interface from a client work station.
  • Seamless Integration: Property Managers can leverage compatibility with industry-standard reader technology to combine multiple existing systems without incurring significant installation costs.


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