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High security locks. Common locks. Do you know the difference? It's a distinction that matters a great deal to you and the property you are trying to protect. Medeco® locks are high security because of the three vital features including: 1/ Pick Resistance; 2/ Physical Strength; and 3/ Key Control.

Whereas common pin tumbler locks can easily be picked open, Medeco's® patented and UL-listed design makes this security compromise virtually impossible.

Drilling an ordinary lock open is an everyday occurrence. Medeco® locks safeguard against this type of physical attack because hardened steel inserts have been placed strategically within the lock.

Key control is perhaps the most important aspect of a security system. A common method of breaking into a lock is with a key that has fallen into the wrong hands. A Medeco® key, because of its angled cuts can only be duplicated on special key cutting machines operated by professional locksmiths. In addition, Medeco® has set up levels of key control which prevent unauthorized key duplication. This means that you have complete control over who has your keys, or duplicates of it.

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